Norma's Picks

October Picks

Sep 30, 2021

Best of Joy of Painting

Growing A Greener World

September Picks

Aug 26, 2021

Pati's Mexican Table

Arthur's First Day

August Picks

Jul 27, 2021

Bears of Durango

Home Diagnosis

July Picks

Jun 22, 2021

100 Days, Drinks, Dishes & Destinations

Samantha Brown's Places To Love

June Picks

May 26, 2021

Food Over 50

DIY Science Time

May Picks

Apr 22, 2021

Films by Kids

Yan Can Cook

April Picks

Apr 5, 2021

Christina Cooks: Back to The Cutting Board

 How To Cook Well, with Rory O'Connell
 Second Opinion with Joan Lunden
 The Kate
 Dinosaur Train Adventure Island
 My Grandparents' War

March Picks

Feb 25, 2021


Forgotten Fame

February Picks

Jan 26, 2021

Masterpiece Mrs. Wilson

Lost River Sessions

Let's Learn


Travels With Darley

To Dine For with Kate Sullivan

Europe's New Wild

January Picks

Dec 16, 2020

Ask This Old House

Sara's Weeknight Meals

December Picks

Dec 4, 2020

Field Trip with Curtis Stone

A Charlie Brown Christmas

October Picks

Oct 7, 2020

PBS Kids Halloween

Trouble With Maggie Cole

March Picks

Mar 5, 2020

Somewhere South

Xavier Riddle

February Picks

Feb 10, 2020

Legacy List

Odd Squad

December Picks

Dec 12, 2019

Martha Bakes 

Jamie's Quick & Easy Food  

September Picks

Sep 19, 2019



August Picks

Aug 10, 2019

Shakespeare Uncovered

America's Heartland

July Picks

Jul 16, 2019

Jerry Yarnell

Trust Docs

June Picks

Jun 4, 2019

Classic Woodworking

Ready, Jet, Go

May Picks

May 8, 2019

Best of Living Here

Our Stories: Vietnam

April Picks

Apr 5, 2019

A Place To Stand   


2 Travels With Darley   

March Picks

Mar 11, 2019

Pati's Mexican table  


Sesame Street  

February Picks

Feb 6, 2019

American Woodshop   



January Picks

Jan 10, 2019

Odd Squad


Variety Studio

December Picks

Dec 20, 2018

The Durrells of Corfu



November Picks

Nov 15, 2018

Our Stories Vietnam  


Poldark Marathon  


Let's Go Luna 

July Picks

Jul 17, 2018

Simply Ming



Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi


June Picks

Jun 19, 2018

The Great British Baking Show

Wild Kratts

May Picks

May 9, 2018

Life On The Gila

Memorial Day Weekend

April Picks

Apr 3, 2018

Travels with Darley

 In Principle