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Dr. Peter DeBenedittis

Dr. Peter DeBenedittis has announced that he is running in the Democratic Primary for Governor of New Mexico. He recently stopped by the KRWG-FM studios to share more about why he is running as a candidate. He also, shared his thoughts on issus the state faces, and he also discusses challenges that he says exist within the Democratic party.

Mental health advocates work daily to address the needs of those with behavioral health issues. One of those advocates is Micah Pearson, who was recently selected to serve on the national board with The National Alliance On Mental Illness or NAMI.

Video from a Monday visit at the Pan Am Plaza in Las Cruces:

KRWG is speaking with candidates who have announced that they are running for New Mexico's District two Congressional seat. On a recent episode of KRWG-TV's In Focus, David Baake a candidate who has announced he is entering the democratic primary for the district two seat shares why he is running.

"The reason why I wanted to get into politics is because after this last election, all of the progress that we have been making on trying to protect our environment, trying to create clean energy jobs, it's all in jeopardy," says Baake.

Immigration Is No Simple Process

Jul 27, 2017

Commentary: When you spend time with any of the media you’ll no doubt see or hear something about immigrants. One of the comments I encounter most often is “why didn’t they get their papers…why didn’t they come legally, …my grandparents came legally, why can’t they”?

President Trump’s executive actions aiming to enhance border security along with constructing a border wall has drawn criticism from environmental groups who say they are concerned about the impact a wall would have on ecosystems along the border.

Universal Healthcare Discussion Saturday In Las Cruces

Jul 17, 2017
Dr. James Lenhart

 “Conversations With Democrats” sponsored by the Federation of Democratic Women of Dona Ana County will have Dr. James Lenhart, MD, FAAFP, MPH, Prominent Physician, Author and Healthcare Advocate from Tacoma, WA leading its conversation on Saturday, July 22, 2 pm, NMSU Arrowhead Park Early College High School APECHS Bldg. 3, Las Cruces, NM. 

The Trump Administration has officially made it clear that it wants to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement. On the campaign trail, and into his first months in office, President Donald Trump has made it no secret that he was not a fan of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

On a recent taping of “In Focus” on KRWG-TV, Jerry Pacheco, President of the Border Industrial Association shared his thoughts on the Trump Administrations efforts to renegotiate the trade deal. He says he hopes the efforts are to improve NAFTA.

Progressive Summit Planned For Las Cruces July 15

Jul 7, 2017

Progress Now New Mexico is planning a "Progressive Action Summit" Saturday, July 15, on the east mesa campus of Dona Ana Community College.  From :

Our last summit sold out quickly so don’t wait. Get your tickets now.

We’ve got some exciting panels from local folks as well as some great leaders from around the state. We’ve got something for everyone including:

Senate Republicans pushed back a vote on their proposed healthcare bill aimed at repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act until after the Fourth of July congressional recess.

Commentary: Las Cruces, NM -- A group of local Iranians met today with Congressman Steve Pearce’s staff to discuss their concerns over President Trump’s Executive Order banning travel from six Muslim-majority countries, including Iran.

“We came today to let the Congressman know how this Muslim ban would be devastating to so many of his constituents, and how it would badly impact the broader Las Cruces community,” said Ali Scotten, who heads the New Mexico chapter of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC).

Newmakers 917 - Sarah Silva, Executive Director-CAFé

Jun 7, 2017

Interview: Rep. Steve Pearce

Jun 2, 2017
Rep. Steve Pearce (R) New Mexico

Fred Martino interviews Rep. Steve Pearce regarding many recent issues in the news, including the Republican health care plan and the investigation into Russian interference in the election.

Earlier this year, was awarded a $5,000 grant from the Fund for Investigative Journalism to explore issues within New Mexico’s behavioral health system. http://

  A Las Cruces native and field-leading researcher in the areas of cancer genetics and neurosciences recently spoke at New Mexico State University about breakthrough discoveries that could impact future treatment of diseases such as Lou Gehrig’s disease, Huntington’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

NMSU Las Cruces Group Aims To Encourage Civil Discourse

May 9, 2017

From the SPACE Facebook Page:

Full KRWG Interview: New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce

May 4, 2017
Rep. Steve Pearce (R) New Mexico

KRWG's Simon Thompson spoke with New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce about recent house votes on healthcare, public lands and President Donald Trump's tax returns. 

“The Final Mission: Preserving NASA’s Apollo Sites” is a new book that discusses in great detail NASA’s Apollo sites, and the need to preserve them. The book is authored by Lisa Westwood, a professional archeologist and professor at Chico State University, Wayne Donaldson, Chairman of National Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, and Beth O’Leary, Professor Emerita of NMSU’s Anthropology Department.

Beth O’Leary recently was a guest on KRWG-TV’s “In Focus.” O’Leary says that the book is about space archeology and heritage.

National Poetry Month

Apr 12, 2017

National Poetry Month 

A project by New Mexico State University students

In celebration of National Poetry Month, the students of Connie Voisine's creative writing class researched New Mexico poets with the help of NMSU's Archives. 

Greys Registry by Keith Wilson

Read by James Puff

Five Directions To My Home by Juan Felipe Herrera

Read by Lucio Orduno

Mad Love of Spirits by Jennifer Giron

Read by Nicholas Vessel

They Inherit A Packet Of Earth by Jay Wright

Read by Karly Kunko

LISTEN: KRWG Town Hall With Senators Tom Udall And Martin Heinrich

Apr 11, 2017
Senator Martin Heinrich (D) and Senator Tom Udall (D)

LAS CRUCES, N.M. —  U.S. Senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich held a town hall meeting at the Las Cruces Convention Center on Monday, April 17, 2017. The senators spoke with constituents and answered questions about critical issues facing New Mexico. The town hall was moderated by KRWG-TV/FM’s Fred Martino.

Here is the audio of the town hall event. 

Bev Courtney is former president and a current member of the Las Cruces Tea Party. Courtney on a recent episode of “In Focus” shares why she got involved with the organization.

“There was so many people there, and there was high energy, I liked the things they said, I agreed with them,” says Courtney.

Courtney says she is a supporter of President Donald Trump. She says Trump was successful in his campaign, because his message resonated with people like her.

A Leap Forward At NASA: The James Webb Space Telescope

Mar 30, 2017

From NASA:  The James Webb Space Telescope stands tall in the world’s largest cleanroom at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center…..Webb is the biggest and most powerful space telescope ever built…..and it’s scheduled to launch next year.

In part two of KRWG’s In Focus interview with Roman Jimenez, Chairman of the Doña Ana County Republican Party, Mr. Jimenez shares his thoughts on immigration enforcement, The North American Free Trade Agreement, and shares his perspective on why Republicans lost control of the New Mexico House of Representatives in the 2016 election.

Melissa Block

Mar 17, 2017

This week, NPR's Melissa Block was in southern New Mexico.  Block is traveling the nation, reporting for NPR's "Our Land" series.  Fred Martino spoke with her about what she's hearing from people across the country and what it is like to be a reporter when journalism is under attack.

Roman Jimenez, Chairman of the Doña Ana County Republican Party was a recent guest on KRWG’s In Focus. On the program, Jimenez shared what he says he wants people to know what the Republican Party stands for.

“We stand for the liberties that have been given to them. Their inalienable rights to free speech, their inalienable rights to own property, to make their voices heard and to live basically a free life over an intrusive government,” says Jimenez.

Simon Thompson

Mar 4, 2017
Simon Thompson

KRWG reporter Simon Thompson hails from Australia.  Over his holiday break, Thompson talked about the election of President Donald Trump with friends and family overseas and filed a report here on what he found.  Fred Martino talked with Thompson about his impressions of the election and working as a border journalist during the beginning of the Trump administration.

Brandon Vasquez

Mar 3, 2017

Brandon Vasquez is a student at Dona Ana Community College.  His parents brought him to the United States from Mexico at the age of 2.  He has no memories of that journey and the United States is the only home he's ever known.  Brandon benefited from President Barack Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, better known as DACA.  But with the Trump Administration now in power, Brandon and millions of others are worried.  Fred Martino talked with Brandon.

For over a year, The Islamic Center of Las Cruces has offered classes to educate the Las Cruces community on Islam.

Radwan Jallad, President of the Islamic Center of Las Cruces said in a recent taping of “In Focus” the outpouring of response from the community has been very supportive.

“They recognize us as neighbors and friends,” says Jallad.

Community members reached out to the center for encouragement to offer presentations that provide a basic education of Islam, and what the faith is about to provide better understanding to the community.

Interview: "Consumed" Author Todd Lawson LaTourrette

Feb 23, 2017

I recently got to know Las Cruces resident Todd Lawson LaTourrette, an actor of stage, film and TV. He is also the published author of two books.

His new book, Consumed, is a stand-out, because it takes mental illness out of the shadows into the clear light of day in a brutally honest manner.

I’ve never seen the story of mental illness told as clearly, as poignantly, whether here in New Mexico or to a wider audience nationally. Many families are seeking stronger advocacy to help affected loved ones, and the book serves as a good example of that.

A 2015 Pew Research report estimated there were around 3.3 million Muslims living in the United States.

In a taped episode of “In Focus” Radwan Jallad, President of The Islamic Center of Las Cruces shared some history about the center and the faith. Jallad says the center was formed in the early 1980s.