Fronteras-A Changing America

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This weekly KRWG program explores the people and issues affecting our growing border communities.  E-mail your ideas to

On this program, a discussion about some of the issues facing Latinx college students and resources available to them. Anthony Moreno talks with Interim Director of Chicano Programs at NMSU, Dr. Judith Flores Carmona and Marisela Mendoza, program coordinator.

Residents and organizations across New Mexico are advocating for a state health plan that they say can help more people get quality coverage they can afford. To learn more, we hear from Dr. Mary Feldblum, Executive Director with The Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign

A new prevention initiative has launched in the borderland to prevent HIV infections in the region. Joining us on the program to share more is Dr. Leandro Mena, a physician who focuses on infectious diseases and sexual health. Dr. Mena shares more on "Vamos Bien con PrEP."

Chicana historian and writer, Dr. Yolanda Chávez Leyva provides insight on the debate surrounding statues of Don Juan de Oñate in the border region. Dr. Chávez Leyva is an associate professor of history at the University of Texas at El Paso.

A new book shares an investigation into White House Advisor Stephen Miller and his impact on the Trump Administration's policies towards immigrants and asylum seekers.

In the book “Hatemonger: Stephen Miller, Donald Trump, and the White Nationalist Agenda,” award-winning investigative Journalist Jean Guerrero shares Miller’s biography and how he rose to become an influential advisor to President Trump.

A new book shares personal essays viewing New Mexico through the eyes of Chicano and indigenous writers who share stories of unique identities but offer a shared love of their homeland of New Mexico.

A new survey highlights the impact COVID-19 has had on Latino families economic well-being in New Mexico. The survey was conducted on behalf of several non-profit groups in the state by Latino Decisions, an independent political opinion research and data organization. Anthony Moreno talks with Dr. Gabriel Sanchez, Principal with Latino Decisions to learn more about the survey.

Jon Goldstein, Director of Regulatory & Legislative Affairs for the Environmental Defense Fund says federal legislation can help unemployed oil and gas workers keep working by sealing off abandoned oil and gas wells. 


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Fronteras host Anthony Moreno has a discussion about a new book from co-author Elaine Hampton titled, "Copper Stain: ASARCO's Legacy in El Paso." This book shares the stories of workers at the smelter plant that produced large quantities of copper for over a century in El Paso, Texas.