Will Trump Destroy our Democracy?

Apr 28, 2019

Commentary: When I took civic and U.S. history classes in high school and college I was told by my teachers that nobody in America is above the law—not even the President. That is why we fought the revolution from England—to create a Republic where there was no monarchy who created their own rules.

I guess that has now changed, according to Attorney General William Barr. Before his nomination to this office, Barr wrote a memo that the President cannot be charged with obstruction since he oversees the Justice Department. In other words, the President is above the law. Barr’s actions since than shows he is just a toady for Trump and his supporters.

The Mueller report did not exonerate Trump. Under oath, his own people had to tell the truth or face legal consequences, which was different when there was an audience of one—"Trump”. Since then, Trump has said that no one in his Administration (past or present) should testify in front of a congressional committee—whether requested or subpoenaed. Of course, those who were fired or left, no longer answer to him. We will see how it turns out.

Compared to other modern Presidents, Trump transgressions and authoritarian behavior are beyond anything I have experienced in my adult life. I worked for the Federal government for 30 years as a civil servant, wrote speeches for politicians and testified in front of Congress for both Republican and Democratic Administrations.

Trump feels entitled, has a constant need to be admired, exaggerates his life accomplishments, lacks empathy for others—and constantly lies or distorts facts.

Despite all that, he is our President.

Can’t we do better?