Votaw: Public Accountability Needed At Las Cruces Public Schools

Aug 23, 2019

Commentary: To Walt Rubel:  I want to thank you for your piece on the irony of Dr. Ewing's administrative leave.  

With an election in November the District ballot will include two board seats and a mill levy request, known as the HB33 mill levy.  HB33 funds are used for remodeling, repairs, major renovations and purchase of furnishings and equipment.  For the public to support an upcoming levy, it is critical that the District becomes totally transparent about the uses of the last bond money.  We need to know how the public has been represented on the Bond Advisory Group. We need to know how bond money has been repurposed for Columbia Elementary and the Warehouse Complex. Questionable decisions, including the total replacement of Columbia and the lawsuit over an aborted lease purchase agreement, need to be re-evaluated.

Those of us who care deeply for our school district are relieved to start a new chapter.  I hope the school board that appointed Dr. Trujillo supports her in restoring public trust so the public can support the HB33 levy.

Bonnie Votaw, former LCPS board member