"Unthinkable" Behavior By Elected Officials

Jul 19, 2019

Commentary: Last week was a bizarre time in America, maybe a better word is “crazy.” Yes, crazy, that’s the shoe that fits the foot in Washington these days.

America is the world’s most resilient and envied democracy, well over 200 years  old and still going strong. Migrants hiking 1,000 miles from Central America to our borders aren’t doing that to go to Walmart. They yearn for freedom, safety and hope in America. And opportunity for a decent life.

Last week, we had the President of our country, with his insufferable tweets, wagging a finger at four members of Congress, telling them to go back where they came from. You might hear a taunt like that in a school yard during recess, but from our President, in a tweet, to newly elected Congresswomen? Unthinkable. I love this great nation and I want the women and men who lead it, to be of high standards in their words and behavior; but if you are insulting, or judgmental, then you lack the class that defines a true leader.

But let’s be fair and round out this drama.  Some of these Congresswomen have referred to the President publicly in the foulest of language.

In the House of Representatives, the Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, third in line to the presidency, pushed a resolution condemning the President as “racist.”  But the rules of the House forbade any member from labeling a president as racist. Ms. Pelosi did it anyway and the members of her party voided the rule and stood behind her.

Inspiring, isn’t it?

A subtext in national newspapers sums it all up as: “Trump’s Foes are CrazierThan He Is.”

But flip that coin of national dysfunction and we find the remembrance of a beautiful and unique American moment. 50 years ago last week, American science, resolve and vision sent three men into space and put two of them on the moon. All over the world friend and foe gasped in admiration for a giant step for mankind. Thank you, America.

If a friendly spaceship from Mars had come to America last week for a friendly visit what they saw in Washington would have sent them heading back home. On the other hand, if they had caught the memorial coverage of what America had done 50 years ago, they might have invited us to visit Mars.