Torres Small Announces Support For Impeachment Inquiry

Oct 10, 2019

New Mexico Congresswoman Xochitl Torres Small has announced she is supporting the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.

Congresswoman Torres Small has always supported an investigation.  But until this week, she had not accepted the investigation as an impeachment inquiry.

Why the change? 

In a commentary, Torres Small said, “Earlier this week, the president and his administration made it clear to New Mexicans that they are not committed to finding the truth. They took unprecedented steps to prevent the facts from coming forward. The White House and the State Department stopped a key witness from testifying before Congress and the White House issued a letter refusing to cooperate at all with the investigation.  If we refuse to seek the truth, we risk our safety and the integrity of the very Constitution I swore to support and defend. Tuesday’s actions by the president and the administration left me with no other way to get the information the country deserves than to support an impeachment inquiry.”

Credit Yvette Herrell /

None of the candidates running for the Republican nomination in New Mexico’s second district have announced support for the inquiry.  In fact, the candidate Torres Small defeated, Yvette Herrell said in a Facebook post in reaction to Torres Small’s support of the impeachment inquiry, ”Our district deserves a representative who has supported our President from the beginning and will be a partner and ally in Congress!”