Thinking New Mexico On Display At NMSU

Jul 19, 2012

(LAS CRUCES) -- Local educators are helping celebrate New Mexico's statehood through art.  The exhibition offers a look at contemporary work over the last one hundred years. There is a wide variety of work on display at New Mexico State University's Art Gallery.  Curators are going back in history and providing visitors a look at the past one hundred years. "Starting in the early century New Mexico became a heaven of artist from either coast, the west coast or the east coast, it was seen as a place where new traditions, new colors, I think the most of them loved green chili as well, but it really became a magnet for artist from the east," said Stephanie Taylor of the art gallery. There are more than fifty art works in the exhibition titled "Thinking New Mexico."  The art came from private and public collections around the state. "New Mexico has been rich, long before it became a state and there really area some wonderful native traditions and local traditions and some of those are represented in the show," she said. Local groups and many people have already toured this centennial celebration.  Organizers hope more visitors will be able to enjoy the show. "I think that's going to be obvious for someone who comes to the show is just how rich and diverse the art tradition is here in New Mexico," she said. The exhibition is on display now until September 1.