Statement from New Mexico Speaker of the House Brian Egolf Regarding Redistricting in New Mexico

Nov 6, 2020

Credit Rep. Brian Egolf

Commentary: Below is a statement from New Mexico Speaker of the House Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe) regarding redistricting in New Mexico: 

“Every ten years, each state in our Union goes through the process of redistricting. Redistricting is a cornerstone of our democracy ensuring fair representation in government for all New Mexicans. Going forward, this is not a Left or Right issue. New Mexico has undergone significant demographic changes over the last ten years and the 2020 Census will give us a better snapshot as to where in our state New Mexicans call home. Redistricting will reflect those changes and will be conducted in a fair, open, and transparent process. My comment on Wednesday about the 2nd Congressional district was a statement of fact in response to a direct question about the future of the district and nothing more.”