Sponsors of 2019’s Indigenous Peoples’ Day Respond to Obelisk Destruction in Santa Fe

Credit Santa Fe / Photo by LIAM DEBONIS, DAILY LOBO

Commentary:  Sponsors of 2019’s House Bill 100 creating Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Representative Derrick Lente (D-Sandia Pueblo) and Andrea Romero (D-Santa Fe), provide this joint statement following Monday’s events in Santa Fe: 

"Monday's removal of the obelisk must serve as a reminder to those in power that our community is in pain and is seeking answers. Indigenous Peoples' Day was created democratically to bring to light that no one voice is louder than another's. That we must do better to acknowledge each other's experiences and history and move forward together in unity.  As this work continues, we must do so in peace and do not condone violence in any form. We call on the City of Santa Fe and County leaders to bring our community together through truth and reconciliation. We are committed to doing this at a state level. The formation of an intersectional body is necessary to respond to this moment. We desire constructive dialogue surrounding what values and symbols we want representing our community and how we move forward in unity."