Saturday outing to witness current border wall construction

Oct 8, 2019

Credit KRWG News

As part of its Back by Noon series, the Southwest Environmental Center will be leading an outing to witness current border wall construction taking place in New Mexico. Participants will be able to witness the border wall for themselves and learn about the 25-year history of border walls and border militarization in the United States.

We will meet at a central location in Las Cruces and caravan down to the construction site. Carpooling is highly encouraged. Advanced registrations are required. It is possible to sign up multiple participants, and inviting friends and family is encouraged. For more information or to register, call us at 575.522.5552 or register online at:

Where: U.S./Mexico border

Date: October 12th, 2019

Time: 7:30am

Bring: Please bring sturdy shoes, water, sun protection and anything else you might need to feel comfortable in the outdoors.


Early this year, President Trump declared a national emergency which allowed him to rob funds from the military and use them for border wall construction projects. SWEC was a party in a lawsuit which achieved a preliminary injunction, temporarily stopping construction until an official ruling was made. In July, the Supreme Court ruled that construction can progress even without a ruling. Construction has already begun on 46 miles of new border wall near Santa Teresa, NM. The wall will extend past the Columbus port of entry and will effectively wall off Doña Ana County. A ruling on the national emergency case is expected in November.