Rep. Herrell Issues Statement On Insurrection; Will Vote Against Removing Trump

Jan 12, 2021

Commentary: “Political violence has no place in our Constitutional Republic. Those who assaulted police officers to force their way into the Capitol are responsible for their criminal actions and must be brought to justice. The same goes for those who burned, looted, and rioted in Washington, DC and around the country this summer.

“Leaders in both parties have a responsibility to condemn such violence — whether in the halls of Congress or on the streets of America’s cities. We all bear some of the blame for the way our words have been interpreted by people who trust us and look to us for direction. At the same time, our actions must match our rhetoric. Calls for unity and a peaceful transition of power ring hollow while articles of impeachment are being drafted.

“That is why I will vote against any effort to remove the president from office this week. Doing so will not heal our country, bridge our partisan divides, give Americans hope or bring us together. It would only make things worse.

“With just days until President Trump leaves the White House, and just days into the new Congress, we have more important things to do right now. We should be working to provide the resources families and small businesses need to get through the pandemic, hold Big Tech accountable for their unfair policies, and restore trust in the security of our elections. The Republic will endure, but the freedom we hold dear requires vigilance against threats from all extremes.”