Rep. Gallegos blasts Governor for withholding unemployment funds

Aug 13, 2020

Editor's note:  States do not have to supplement the federal unemployment assistance of $300/week.  Here is the Labor Department letter that explains the program.  

Commentary: Representative David Gallegos (R-Eunice), member of the House Labor and Veterans Affairs committee, blasted the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions (DWS) for their callous disregard for the thousands of New Mexicans who have been forced to file for unemployment due to Governor Lujan Grisham’s forced economic shutdown. The department recently shared an update on unemployment funds, stating that while they would accept the additional federal assistance of $300/week from President Donald Trump’s executive order, they would not be willing to put up the $100/week match to the federal assistance, $400/week in total.

The Governor and DWS effectively rejected the President’s executive order that would deliver $400 a week to supplement unemployment payments, by refusing to provide New Mexicans with the extra $100 a week match. This refusal to match the federal assistance follows two years of overspending by the Lujan Grisham administration.

“The Governor spends her time on camera espousing political rhetoric about the federal government, yet when the President offers a solution her administration refuses to consider it,” said Representative David Gallegos. “It is not surprising that this Governor dismisses Congressional inaction in favor of rhetoric, being that she just recently left DC. The people of New Mexico elected Governor Lujan Grisham to lead and find solutions. Unfortunately we get more finger wagging and blame games than actual solutions. By selectively choosing when we are in this ‘all together’ this Governor is sending mixed messages to the Lea County employees that she told to quit their jobs for guaranteed NM unemployment.”

The administration recently advised Lea County residents who were employed by specific restaurants that reopened, in defiance of the economic shutdown, to quit their employment with a guarantee that DWS will take care of them.