Postal Union: Albuquerque Offices In Shambles

Sep 4, 2018

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — Members of the union that represents some 400 U.S. Postal Service workers in Albuquerque say the postal facilities in New Mexico's largest city are a shambles, without enough employees to keep offices clean or ensure mail arrives in post office boxes on time.

The Santa Fe New Mexican reports union representatives blame staffing cuts and a lack of capital improvements, saying the Arizona district that oversees New Mexico's mail operations gives short shrift to its neighbor.

Dan Huerta, of the American Postal Workers Union Local 380, says the Albuquerque facilities are "just like this bastard child."

Regional Postal Service spokesman Rod Spurgeon, when asked about the union's complaints, sent an emailed statement calling the safety of postal facilities "paramount."

Spurgeon said he was "not aware" of any maintenance issues "that are unaddressed."