Organization Provides Job Services To Americans With Disabilities

Jul 23, 2018

NTI provides job services to Americans with disabilities who want to get back into the workplace.  Over the past 25 years, NTI has helped over 175,000 individuals across the United States and over 1,200 here in the Las Cruces area through their NTI@Home and LandAjob programs.

NTI@Home provides work-at-home jobs in the call center industry with Fortune 500 companies. NTI’s other program, LandAjob, provides an exclusive database of over 500,000 job listings for Individuals with disabilities nationwide. If a person attains a position through LandAjob, or already has a job, they can be eligible for up to $12,000 of job-related reimbursements.  Both programs provide training and mentoring to guide individuals back into the workforce.

If you or someone in your inner-circle is interested in learning more about NTI or LandAjob, they can visit NTI's website at or the LandAjob program at Alternatively, individuals can call toll-free at 877-248-8912 for more information.

Information provided by NTI