Nielsen: Our Community's Future Depends On Education

Aug 27, 2019

Commentary: I am a retired adult educator and my students were predominantly young adults emerged out of a K-12 system that mostly failed them.  This was in another state, so point being, New Mexico is not the only state struggling to meet our students' needs.

When my husband and I moved here in 2006, we moved to be close to family and the abundance of sunshine that we truly enjoy.  I was aware that the K-12 education system was failing our students both at the local and state level, however, I was retired and enjoying this great community.  Things changed. We became grandparents, and with that, a heightened concern about schools and our local and state K-12 system. We supported a change in administration a few years ago and observed positive changes and climbing graduation numbers. 

Our school district is large and poor and many people work very hard and long hours to provide our children with the education they deserve.  Mistakes are made on all levels.  Some chose to put their energy into dismantling the administration – mission accomplished.  

Now is the big question, “Why all the lawsuits?”  Our school district is already one of the poorest in our nation and from a layperson’s perspective, none of the lawsuits are to benefit or provide a better education for our students.  Some quit their jobs, some were let go and others resigned.  Please, everyone, be responsible for your own actions, lick your wounds in private and move on with your lives.

The future of this community as a whole is having all of us invest in providing the very best education for all of our students.