New Mexico Senate Adopts New Transparency Rule

Feb 17, 2020

Credit Sen. Jeff Steinborn

Commentary: On Saturday, Senator Jeff Steinborn passed Senate Rule Two (SR 2) on a unanimous vote of 42-0 to allow the media and public to film and take pictures during Committee meetings of the State Senate.  The previous Rule which SR 2 replaced required someone to have to seek and obtain permission of Senate Committee Chairs in order to film.  In previous years citizens and members of the press and public have been occasionally denied the opportunity to film or take photos during committee meetings. 

It was the third time Steinborn has passed a Rule change in a legislative chamber to increase transparency of the legislative process.  In 2010 Steinborn passed House Rule 2 that created webcasting of Committee meetings, and in 2016 he passed House Rule 1, requiring archiving of Committee webcasts for five years.

Senator Steinborn applauded the Senate’s passage of SR 2.  “I congratulate my Senate colleagues for passing SR 2 to allow the media and public full access to film and document the legislature in action.  Modern democracy requires our complete transparency in all forms and encouragement of media and citizen involvement.”

Senate Rule 2 took effect upon its passage.