New Mexico House Republicans Blast Tax Increase Proposals

Jan 18, 2019

Commentary: House Republicans are standing against the Democrat plan to raise taxes on all New Mexicans including needy families to possibly help pay for salaries for Legislators. As the 2019 Legislative Session is underway, Democrats are pushing two separate bills to raise taxes on working families and then change the constitution to pay themselves a salary.

“While we’re in the midst of a huge budget surplus, any plan to raise taxes on New Mexico families is unacceptable,” said House Minority Leader Rep. Jim Townsend (R-Artesia.) “House Democrats are working to fast track tax increases in the hope our citizens won’t notice when they spend away the surplus. New Mexicans know better and should hold Democrats responsible,” he continued.

The Democrats massive tax increase is House Bill 6 and includes:

  • Increase in the gasoline tax of 10 cents per gallon.
  • Income tax increase on middle class families.
  • Increase in the vehicle excise tax on every purchase.

“This is not comprehensive tax reform, but a comprehensive tax increase that is bad for New Mexico,” said Rep. Jason Harper (R-Rancho.) For over two years, Rep. Harper has continued to work for real tax reform only to be delayed by Democrats. In contrast, House Bill 6 is on a fast track to approval.

If House Bill 6 is signed into law, it would raise some tax rates in New Mexico to the highest in the region.

Additionally, Democrats are pushing a measure that would allow them to collect a salary which would require the approval of voters. House Joint Resolution 5 would also create a commission to raise the salaries of the Governor and other statewide officials.