NEA-LC Board of Directors unanimously support the Las Cruces Public Schools School Board

Jun 19, 2019

 Commentary: The National Education Association-Las Cruces Board of Directors voted unanimously to oppose the recall of school board members Terrie Dallman, Maria Flores and Ray Jaramillo on June 12th. NEA-LC stands in strong support of the school board and voted unanimously to endorse School Board President Ed Frank in his bid for re-election. 

Leadership of NEA-LC support the School Board for the positive steps they have taken to deal with the myriad issues that face the state’s second largest school district, which serves nearly 25,000 students. 

New Mexico ranks last in the nation for childhood well-being for the third time (according to the Annie E. Casey Foundation 2019 Kids Count Data Book). Students across NM are not receiving the programs and services to help them grow and become thriving adults. It is time for the adults to quit fighting each other and focus on what is important: SUPPORTING OUR STUDENTS!

The school board has progressively worked at creating policy which protects students from bullying, food insecurity, unhealthy school conditions like mold and discipline practices that harm students in the long term, instead, looking at programs to keep struggling students in school. The school board has ensured student safety through their oversight that no child has been harmed by gun violence while they attend school. 

The Board has also made LCPS a leader in the state when it comes to implementing early childhood education, which is the single biggest factor in improving overall child well-being. In addition, the school board has resolved to implement and spread Community Schools to combat long-term child well-being problems. Working with other state and local government and nonprofit agencies, Community Schools have decades of research in supporting children so that they can be successful in school. 

“The NEA-LC Board feels that to disrupt the progress that is being made in the District by recalling the school board would be harmful to students being served in LCPS.  Instead, I would encourage people to attend school board meetings, engage in discussion and work to improve conditions for our students,” says Denise Sheehan, President, NEA-LC.