National Education Association Endorses Candidates For Las Cruces School Board

Oct 3, 2019

  Commentary: The National Education Association of Las Cruces (NEA-LC) is recommending School Board President Ed Frank for re-election in District 5 and local education advocate Teresa Tenorio in District 4. Both candidates agree with parents and teachers that we must work on a school budget to reduce class size, adequately fund classrooms and offer competitive salaries to recruit and retain the best qualified school employees our students deserve. 

NEA-LC recommends Ed because of his deep understanding of education both from the classroom perspective as a retired career teacher as well as being an active union member, working to advocate for policies that benefit our children, teachers, and communities. Ed has the experience and the courage to continue fighting for our students. “Ed was outspoken against the punitive statewide teacher evaluation system and the push for standardized testing agenda with millions of state dollars given to for-profit companies. Ed does what is best for kids,” says Amanda Walden, Special Education teacher.

Teresa is a proud parent of three children in LCPS and has used her voice as a parent and community member to continuously denounce over-testing.  She has supported teachers being treated as professionals with knowledge of their classroom and the strengths and needs of students. “Teresa has shown a will to learn and to listen as she has already visited schools and the physical plant to better understand the work and operations of each work site. Teresa understands the important role of parents as partners, and values student needs.” states Cheryl Carreon, thirty-year veteran pre-school teacher and LCPS Teacher of the Year. “She is building relationships in the community which are essential for a school board member.”


NEA-LC is a membership association of approximately 1,000 educators in Las Cruces Public Schools. The Association believes in the need for student, teacher and community voices to create schools that reflect the values and the needs of the people.


NEA-LC’s recommendation process begins with its political action team.  Candidates seeking recommendation must complete a questionnaire for review and attend a formal interview with five chosen members for consideration by NEA-LC.