Make 'Em All Mexican - Repurposed Art

Dec 14, 2013

December 14, 2013 – Las Cruces, NM - On this edition of PUENTES, Emily Guerra bridges the community with California Latina artist, Linda Vallejo. Her exhibit “Make ‘Em All Mexican” is currently on display at New Mexico State University Art Gallery through December 21st.

As a master of recycling, Vallejo’s artistic technique of repurposing and deconstruction permeates her works. According to Vallejo, she “pushes her creative envelope by envisioning an entirely new comic and political message using new forms of media and context.” She asks, “What would these images look like from a Latino/Mexican/Chicano point of view.” Her art is also available to view on her website

Linda Vallejo, California Latina Artist
Marielena La Fabulosa
Little Boy Brown