Learning From 4-H Conference

Jul 10, 2012

LAS CRUCES) -- Hundreds of students from counties all over New Mexico are gathering in Las Cruces this week learning about leadership and teamwork.  Jacob grant of Albuquerque isn’t just playing a game with his friends.  He’s learning about responsibility and team building. “It’s really helped me, not only in 4H activities, but outside of that, at my school in stuff, I can get out of my comfort zone and speak to large groups and not sweat it too much.  I still get really nervous, but it’s definitely helped me to be able to take control of things and lead people and learn to follow,” he said. Jacob is part of the 4-H State Conference where young people from counties around New Mexico come together and learn from one another. “During the conference we have what’s going on right now, which is workshops for the kids and those workshops consists of leadership and trust,” he said. Ciprianna Roybal is from Santa Fe.  She’s been part of 4-h since the age of eight. “It teaches me a lot of life skills.  It’s taught me a lot of responsibilities.  It’s taught me to come out of my shell. I use to be a real shy girl.  Now I’m just out there and I like to have fun. I like to meet new people,” she said. Every year, Ciprianna shows livestock – she started with small animals and quickly moved up to bigger ones.  She says preparing for shows takes a lot of dedication and commitment. “Life would be pretty boring without 4H.  I really enjoy it,” she said. The 4-H State Conference is held every July on the campus of New Mexico State University and consists of contests and educational workshops for students.