Las Cruces Voters In Unusual Position...Choosing Among 10 Candidates For Mayor

Nov 5, 2019

One thing unusual about this year’s election was the number of people running for Las Cruces Mayor.  Ten candidates were on the ballot.

About a dozen people were lined up to vote at Corbett Center on the New Mexico State University campus late Tuesday afternoon.

Many students were there, as were NMSU employees, like Dianne Frank.

Frank said a little more research was in order with ten candidates on the ballot for Las Cruces Mayor.  But she says it’s a positive thing...and she hopes the winner won’t forget some of the issues raised by their opponents.

“I think that’s great.  I think it’s good to have a robust system going on with many people doing it.  And even though it may seem a lot, at the same time, it’s good that we can sit back and think of issues that are important to other people.  And maybe once we do get that Mayor, then maybe they need to listen to what some of the other people had to say that are candidates as well,” said Frank.

As for issues that spoke to her, Frank mentioned the challenges of running a small business.

A number of candidates in the Mayor’s race made business issues central to their campaign.