Important Advice For The Democratic National Committee As The Presidential Race Takes Shape

Jun 18, 2019

Credit DNC Chair Tom Perez

Commentary: We are reaching the “end” of the first stretch in the 2020 election cycle. We can safely state, among “the two parties” and the national media, the show will be well managed - for and by them.  But there is a broader democratic party context under all the show, tell and current hype.

Whether you like it or not Chairman Perez, where is the Democratic National Committee (DNC) standing with the first debates almost here?   It stands with its feet firmly planted in mid-air.  You and the other leaders struggle with apparently unneeded, er, unwanted change.  Much of what our candidates are saying is far afield from where party leaders want to be.  Chairman Perez, this is great!

The DNC lives in its twisted past.  Its cash-filled reality - keeping some form of predatory capitalism, kleptocracy and the military-industrial complex - but tinted with social justice - remains its general operating principles if not yet in a proposed 2020 platform.   It's playtime, as limited democracy and censorship become rules for the coming primaries. 

1.   The DNC is against anyone challenging a sitting democrat.  Those and their consultants, who so do anyway, are blacklisted.  Does the DNC welcome the planned infusion by the Koch brothers of millions into democratic primaries?

2. It also rejects a debate on climate change.   “All" issues should be covered in the debates, allotting a candidate two minutes of planned time.  This view is self-destructive, not a road to the future.  

3.  If a candidate wants to participate in a climate change debate not sanctioned by the DNC that candidate will be barred from its future debates.  This is untenable.

4.  The party’s unstated goal is to limit the number of progressives rising into the top competitive ring.   The rank and file don’t necessarily agree.   

Going forward, the DNC is a "Do Nothing Committee" except for its determination and methodologies to retain power.  It unfortunately almost assures its 2016 missteps again, i.e, a possible repeat, by refusing to support real progressives in the top competitive ring. Learning from past problems is quite limited.

Biden is apparently beginning to fade at this point, while Bernie seems stalled and Warren plus Buttigieg are rising.  The answer is to ignore the party chiefs and the “professional” hype.   Simply - folks, organize nationally and face down the old guard by pushing bottom-up change, i.e, challengers, in the 2020 primaries.   All DNC elected leaders must have competitive 2020 primaries, like it or not.  Then the business is simply folks in those districts voting them out.

"I have an old-fashioned belief that Americans like to make up their own minds on the basis of all available information.”  Edward R. Murrow 

Editor's note:  David Koch retired from Koch Industries and Americans for Prosperity for health reasons, according to USA Today.