Helping Area Families

Jul 26, 2012

(LAS CRUCES) -- Energy is what a local therapist uses everyday in her private practice.  The treatment helps increase levels of perceptive awareness. Cecilia Richardson is a trained facilitator who works closely with area families. "We go through this process of bringing healing, using the energy field that they give to me that I can pick up from them, like core words," she said. Richardson works with clients through many life issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, anger, trauma, even weight loss issues.  The therapy is sometimes done in a group setting where her main client picks people from the family of which issues they share.   "I felt a strong connection to her energy field to many people that's the ora of some people.  To others its more the genetic field which this space here would represent the genetic field of each person and as a trained therapist I hold that field and it control it at a certain extent," she said. Richardson says there's a certain order in the family system, a chain that shouldn't be broken. "In love, in a descents life, like I am the oldest sister, I have to be respected, the younger brother, sister can never replace me," she said. Even after death, Richardson says everyone within the family system has to honor and respect the place of birth of every child in that group. "The client is depressed, suicidal in thoughts feels out of place the minute somebody says they feel out of place, like they don't belong to the family, it's because somebody is out of order.  There is a child that has died and nobody acknowledged it, made the second child, the third child like they were the first when they were not.  Many people, it takes them a long time because the soul works in a very slow pace like a snail. It only reveals to you what you're ready for available to received.  The energy field works like that," said Richardson