Heinrich Condemns Trump's Decision On Syria

Oct 17, 2019

Credit U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM)

Commentary: As America’s Kurdish allies in Syria continue to deal with the devastating, deadly incursion of Turkish forces, U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and Senate Intelligence Committee, issued the following statement:

"President Trump’s reckless, irresponsible decision to withdraw American support in northern Syria has resulted in an invasion that has endangered countless, innocent lives - sparking a humanitarian catastrophe in the region.

"The Kurds, under attack from Turkey, are the very forces responsible for destroying and imprisoning ISIS forces. By withdrawing our troops who have been instrumental in providing security to the Kurds and ensuring the continued eradication of ISIS, President Trump has abandoned our allies and created a vacuum that will no doubt be filled by an ISIS resurgence. Under this so-called ceasefire, Kurdish forces and their families face the impossible choice of fleeing their homes or being ethnically cleansed. Because of Turkey’s actions, we should seriously reconsider its role in NATO and any future military sales.

"America’s credibility on the international stage depends on us keeping our word to our friends and allies. By deserting those who fought with us, President Trump is throwing away the alliances that America has built up since WWII and making it only more likely that potential partners will side with our adversaries in the future.”