Food Blog

Jul 12, 2012

(LAS CRUCES) -- People interested in making sure what they eat is not only healthy, but safe have a new place to find that information.  Sonya Koukel is constantly looking over her e-mail.  She gets hazardous food recalls and food safety alerts from either the FDA or the USDA.  She passes along the information to the public, but says its become a little over whelming. “When clients would ask about certain food recalls, they would have to sort through all of them, let’s see when was that? What was the date?” said Koukel. Now, there’s a new online destination – focused on food safety. “When I get the recalls and the alerts, I can just put them on the blog,” she said. The food safety blog spot is powered through blogger.  Administrators of the site say the notifications are not just for people and not just for New Mexico. “There was a pet food alert, semolina being found in some of the dog food so we have to keep our pets healthy as well.  There’s been semolina in lettuce this week.  There’s been some concern with some children’s products that have been sold in health food stress so anything that is, that may impact families and pets in New Mexico and surrounding areas, that’s what their going to find on there,” she said. Recalls and alerts will be achieved on the site.  There’s even room to add more features to the blog.   “The blog can include pictures, obviously text.  It could also include video and folks can go to the blog, they can read the content and they can comment on it as well,” said Frank Torres, web developer and marketing associate. As part of the food protection alliance program, members of the group may post alerts if they have found the recalled items in their own counties.  Administrators say the site is user friendly. “A central location online, folks can go to this location and pull up specific information that is organized by month.  It’s just an easy location, rather then getting e-mails, day after day, week after week, things just go to the online destination,” said Torres.