Fireworks Restrictions in Doña Ana County

Jun 10, 2021

In light of extreme drought conditions throughout Doña Ana County, the Board of County Commissioners passed a proclamation to temporarily restrict the use of fireworks, effective June 8 for 30 days, including Independence Day weekend.

The National Weather Service and the United States Forest Service indices and information show Doña Ana County is experiencing severe or exceptional drought conditions, expected to continue through July.

“We want to prevent fires in the dangerous conditions we are experiencing. Fires can spread quickly in the dry and windy conditions typical to Doña Ana County,” said Fire Chief Shannon Cherry.  “Help us keep our community safe and use fireworks safely and conscientiously.”

The types of fireworks allowed include cone fountains, crackling devices, cylindrical fountains, flitter sparklers, ground spinners, illuminating torches, toy smoking devices, and wheels.

In an effort to prevent fires, fireworks can only be set off within the unincorporated areas of the County where water is readily available or areas that are paved or barren- away from vegetation, timber, brush or native grass.  

The National Fire Protection Association recommends leaving fireworks to the professionals to safely celebrate our country’s birthday.  Instead, they offer the following ideas at

·      Use glow sticks, they glow in the dark and are a safe alternative to a sparkler. Fun for all ages.

·      Loud and proud. Noisemakers are sure to make a statement. They can be found at local party supply stores or make your own.

·      Outdoor movie night. Set up a screen and projector.

·      Don’t forget the bug spray!

·      Red, white and blue silly string…fun for all ages.

·      Make a patriotic craft with the family.

·      Throw a birthday party for the USA, and don’t forget the cake.