El Paso Families Celebrate Closure Of Free Bridge To Truck Traffic

Nov 20, 2020

Credit Luis Hernandez

Commentary: On Friday November 20, 2020, as Mexico celebrates the Día de la Revolución, Mexican immigrants in the Chamizal neighborhood also celebrate this day with a fight won against the heavy traffic of the maquiladora semi-trucks.

On Friday, TXDOT will permanently close the entrance to the Bridge of Las Americas- the free bridge- on Paisano Street. There will no longer be maquiladora semi-truck lines blocking the front of Bowie High School.

Credit Luis Hernandez

In addition, Piedras Street will no longer be trafficked by high-speed trucks, which puts residents in danger.

The most important victory is that Diesel trucks are not going to be polluting the environment with their toxic smoke and the noise of their horns.

This would not have been done without the protests by the Familias Unidas Del Chamizal. Residents and families of Barrio Chamizal have the right to fight against injustices to improve the community and their families.