Commentary - Here We Go Again - Higher Property Taxes for Las Cruces Because of Poor Planning

Oct 14, 2020


Commentary: In 2018, the Las Cruces' GO bond projects for a new fire station and animal shelter; for an expansion of our bike and walking trail system; and to build or improve recreational sites were approved. City voters approved all four measures for a sum total of $35.6 million.  

A homeowner with a house valued at $100,000 has to pay approximately $67 a year in additional property taxes to fund these various projectsUnfortunately, because of the incompetence of the city officials,  the planners did not fund construction of the roadway and related infrastructure for the sports complex on East Mesa. 

Now Interim Las Cruces Public Works Director David Sedillo said "a second phase to finish the complex won’t happen without a second GO bond election that would approve more funding, but that’s up to city voters."  There is no cost estimate for this second phase. Las Cruces residents should be against raising our property taxes once again especially on senior citizens with a fixed income. If you are on a fixed income (seniors and disabled homestead) you will be affected most by another bond issue.  At least in El Paso, city officials exempted seniors and disabled homesteads from increased property taxes on bond issues. Considering the difficult situation most of us find ourselves in, one would expect city government to run efficiently and keep its debts low and taxes low.