Border Trade Alliance statement regarding migrant caravans, port operations

Nov 25, 2018

Credit Santa Teresa Port of Entry / CBP

  Commentary: The Border Trade Alliance released the following statement regarding the migrant caravans and their effect on operations at the ports of entry along the U.S.-Mexico border:


"The Border Trade Alliance understands the challenge the federal government faces in balancing the nation's security with the goal of efficiently processing legitimate trade and travel at our ports of entry. Adjudicating asylum claims only makes that challenge more daunting. As CBP, Border Patrol and the Administration manage the arrival of migrant caravans at the U.S.-Mexico border, we strongly encourage all agencies to maintain ongoing, timely communication with the trade community and local stakeholders. All practicable steps should be taken not to interrupt regular port operations. Two-way trade value between the U.S. and Mexico was nearly $616 billion in 2017. Disruptions to these trade flows risks considerable damage to the U.S. economy.



"Furthermore, over the years the BTA has urged against the militarization of the border. It is a position we maintain today. We have supported in years past the deployment of the National Guard to serve in support positions to CBP, which has increased staff resources while still maintaining the traditional lead role of the Department of Homeland Security at and between ports of entry. We appreciate DHS and the Department of Defense maintaining this longstanding working relationship.”