Bonsai Business

Jul 26, 2012

(LAS CRUCES) -- Two recent college graduates are helping residents decorate their homes in a unique fashion and business seems to be blooming.  Jouhl Zamora is getting a lot of questions about his new business Wisebliss. "People ask us things like 'do I need to spray it' because we say it doesn't need water. So people ask 'Oh ok that must mean that I need to spray it or mist it', absolutely not. They actually don't need to do any of that. It doesn't need light as well or doesn't need to be pruned. It doesn't need to be pruned because it stays the same size. It's an everlasting plant," said Zamora. The plant he's talking about is bio bonsai trees.  A new plant made from creosote bush and preserved foliage from Norway.   "Unlike a plastic plant, this actually is all real. There's no plastic involved, even the pot is real ceramic. So, we want to try and keep everything high quality and something that people will want to have in their home," said Jason Pawela, co-owner of Wisebliss. The foliage on the trees changes from firm to soft depending on the weather that day. They also come in four different colors and three different sizes. Storeowners say they will start to offer walnut flatware sets and hand painted parasails in the coming months. "That's our goal- to become just this design store that truly has stuff that's been meticulously made by regular people," said Zamora. Owners are not only selling the trees, but are working hard to educate the community about the bonsai's. "We love our customers, we love meeting new people at the Farmer's Market, we love the reaction we get from people. Also, we love making these because we graduated with Bachelors of Fine Arts, so we like making stuff that looks pleasing to the eye," said Pawela. The guys are at the Las Cruces Farmers and Crafts market every week.  You can find more information about their business online at or liking their page on