Avoid being a victim of vehicle warm-up theft

Dec 2, 2019

LAS CRUCES, NM - Las Cruces Police remind drivers who warm up their vehicles to refrain from leaving them unattended as they could become vulnerable to theft.

With freezing morning temperatures, many drivers start their vehicles remotely, or with a key, and leave them running for extended periods of time to warm up. Some vehicles left running and unattended can be stolen in a matter of seconds.

Most modern vehicle engines require only a few seconds to ‘warm-up’ prior to driving. The majority of people who warm their vehicles for extended periods of time do so simply for convenience – to warm the cabin – and not for the good of the vehicle.

Many automobile owners also carry keys to their home, business or other vehicles on the same keychain, meaning stolen keys could give a thief access to other properties. And some people leave garage door remote openers in their vehicle which, if stolen, could give the perpetrator easy access to the garage and residence.

• Refrain from leaving vehicles running and unattended.
• Do not leave children or pets in a vehicle.
• Definitely do not leave a vehicle running, unattended and with children inside it.
• Do not leave garage door remote openers in open view inside vehicles.
• Remove or conceal personal property such as purses, bags and electronics.
• Close and lock windows and doors when leaving vehicles unattended.
• Immediately report suspicious persons or activity in your neighborhood.