Auto Burglary Prevention Operation finds 44 Unlocked Doors in Las Cruces

May 15, 2019

More than 40 residents likely woke up Wednesday morning to find a door hanger from the Las Cruces Police Department explaining that an officer found their vehicle unlocked and highly susceptible to burglary.

The operation, dubbed “Oops, I left my car unlocked,” was held overnight by LCPD patrol officers working the graveyard shift. The officers conducted the operation in several neighborhoods throughout Las Cruces as part of a proactive, auto burglary prevention initiative.

The overwhelming majority of auto burglaries reported in Las Cruces are considered crimes of opportunity as vehicle owners left cars unlocked or with items of value in plain view.

So far in 2019, LCPD has seen an 8 percent uptick in auto burglaries. Through March of 2018, 133 auto burglaries were reported. Through March 2019, 144 auto burglaries were reported.

In last night’s operation, officers found 42 parked vehicles that were unlocked, one garage door that was open and one home was found with an open door. One of the vehicles found unlocked also had its keys in the ignition.

LCPD officers secured the vehicles and left door hangers explaining that a door was found unlocked. The door hangers serve as a reminder to properly secure property.

Information from Las Cruces Police