Derrick Lee

Host, KRWG Jazz

Derrick has been studying and playing music since middle school, learning E-flat and B-flat saxophones, piano, drumset and percussion through his studies in high school and later at New Mexico State University, where he also studied music theory, arranging and composition. Experienced in a number of musical genres including Classical Music, Funk, Rock, Country, and Blues, he is most passionate about Jazz. Derrick has played across the southwest US for over a decade and continues to compose and perform music.  Listen to Derrick Monday through Thursday from 9pm to midnight.

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Join Trevor Hodgkins and Derrick Lee in conversation with the incredible composer, low brass performer, and educator Joseph Daley. The wide range of topics include living tributes, the conversational aspects of performance, and even a few sins. Through it all, the only thing more impressive than Mr. Daley's rich and varied catalog is the passion that brings it all forth.

Featuring music from the Joseph Daley albums The Seven Deadly Sins, The Tuba Trio Chronicles, and Portraits: Wind, Love, Thunder.