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David Vasquez

Sr. TV Producer

David is a Senior TV Producer for KRWG Public Media. He received a Bachelor of Digital Media Production from the University of Texas in El Paso, TX and has been working in the industry since 2016. With a background working with local and national musical artists, he is eager to bring what he has learned to KRWG’s Music Spotlight series and the department as a whole.
Born and raised in El Paso, he has strived to shine a spotlight on the local musical talent in town by creating his own production company. Emmeff Pearl was started by David in 2018, registering it with the city as a DBA, and has been using the platform to highlight all genres of music within the community. With the most recent sponsorship, Creative El Paso, Emmeff Pearl has seen growth that now allows it to catapult local artists to the national stage, all in the hopes of recognizing those who are just as talented as artists in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Austin, and Seattle.

Contact Info:
Office: (575)646-3296
Mobile: (915)244-4125