Danny Hensel

The first time Colombian-American actress Rachel Zegler saw the 1961 film West Side Story, she was enthralled by the Puerto Rican-born actress Rita Moreno twirling on a rooftop in a purple dress.

She recalls "turning to my mom and saying, 'Mommy, Who is that?' And it planted a seed. And that seed has been growing for 15 years now."

It was a similar story for Afro-Latina actress Ariana DeBose.

Updated October 23, 2021 at 7:24 PM ET

At the height of her journalism career, Katie Couric's success at the Today show rested on balancing a girl-next-door likability with getting the story.

It was the cutthroat heyday of morning news shows, when ratings often trumped ethics.

In her new memoir, Going There, Couric dishes on what audiences couldn't always see during the years she worked for ABC, CBS, NBC and Yahoo. She also details what was happening in her personal life at the time.

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Jack Sheldon died last Friday at age 88. His list of accomplishments was long. And while his name may not be well-known, his voice certainly is.


It's not long into Synonyms before Yoav (Tom Mercier), a young Israeli in Paris, get caught with his pants down. After leaving his apartment's front door ajar while bathing, he finds his clothes stolen. He bangs on his neighbors' doors for help, hollering when they don't respond, and slips back to his bathtub, shivering in the cold. Not a great start for a self-imposed exile, but a wonderful start for the movie that unfolds.

Do you feel that chill? It's the beginning of October, when store shelves are lined with Halloween products branded with the latest theatrically bound IP. This year, a cotton-candy funhouse animated version of The Addams Family hits theaters, returning the long-running franchise to something closer to its original form — cartoons in The New Yorker.

End of the Century, which features a sexual encounter between two men, Ocho and Javi, before they realize they had a similar encounter with each other twenty years prior, is about time: How it stretches, folds, circles back on itself and repeats. It's also about how our time here seems at once infinite and fleeting. And how, importantly, our time is irreversible. These are themes that, I imagine, lands on us harder and harder as we age.

When actor Anton Yelchin was killed in a freak accident in 2016, his body pinned between his Jeep SUV and the gate to his house, few knew how to respond to the tragedy. His death seemed so sudden, so random, so utterly strange it was simply hard to believe. Yelchin had several film projects in development and in production. Already, at 27, he had fitted himself as a well-greased cog into the Hollywood machine. He was about to start directing his first feature film. Tributes began to pour out, from his friends, his co-stars, his directors.