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Outage Updates



3/18/23 8:00 AM | Due to technical limitations at our new broadcast site, we are operating at reduced power. We're looking at all options to resume service at full power. In the meantime, some viewers in Silver City and Lordsburg may be able to receive our signal on channel 33 in addition to channel 28.

3/17/23 5:00 PM | We are happy to announce that KRWG-TV is back up in Silver City and Lordsburg! When you have a moment please rescan your TV and you will be able to enjoy our programming once again, thank you for your patience and support. 📺💕

Instructions to rescan TV:

3/14/23 10:27 AM | Due to difficulty receiving our TV signal for redistribution at our temporary broadcast location at Lower Pinos Altos, KRWG TV service in Silver City and Lordsburg has not been restored. This is a top priority for us but has proven to be a challenge. We will send updates as more information becomes available. Please consider streaming KRWG-TV live at https://video.krwg.org/livestream.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may reach out to General Manager, Adrian Velarde at 575.646.2259. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support.


3/10/23 10:40 AM | KRWG Public Media engineers are working hard to restore television service in the Silver City area. At this time, we don’t have a definite date, but we hope to have service restored by early next week. For those affected by the outage, thank you for your patience and understanding as our team works to address this issue.
Please consider streaming our television station live at https://video.krwg.org/livestream for the time being. 💕


3/6/23 2:45 PM | Thanks to the hard work of our engineering team this past weekend, 91.3 KRXG FM is broadcasting to the area. However, due to technical challenges, KRWG TV service was not restored. Restoring service is a top priority for our team. Thank you for your patience as we work to address this issue.


3/5/23 3:00 PM | We'd like to show some appreciation to some of our engineering team! Mario Tellez, Mario Jimenez, and Jacob Lockwood. The team climbed to the roof to reach the collapsed tower and retrieve TV elements to be able to tune in the TV signal. Also, due to bad road conditions, they had to high center the truck on some giant rocks and dig out under the tires and put rocks under to be able to go up to the new site.
We should have more updates this coming week.

3/4/23 6:01 PM | Unfortunately our engineers ran into some technical challenges today while working to restore service to the area. 91.3 KRXG FM is broadcasting at reduced power. KRWG TV service was not able to be restored. Restoring service is a top priority. Our team will meet on Monday to continue efforts to restore service. Thank you for your patience. Remember you can stay updated here.

3/4/23, 1:15 PM | KRWG Public Media engineers Mario Tellez and Jacob Lockwood continue to work through the weekend to restore the signal in Silver City.

3/3/23, 2:30 PM | The KRWG engineering team and tower crew are currently working on installing and aligning antennas at the temporary new location. We are hoping to have a radio signal back up today and a TV signal possibly tomorrow. Thank you for bearing with us during this event.

2/28/23, 4:28 PM | If the weather allows, KRWG engineers and a tower crew will be traveling to Pinos Altos on Friday, March 3rd to install antennas in a new temporary location. We hope to be back on the air in Silver City by Friday or early next week. Thank you everyone for your patience.
Below are a few more images of the damage to the tower, building, and equipment.

2/24/23, 11:00 AM | KRWG has identified a potential site that will allow us to resume limited services to the Silver City area. Our engineering team will evaluate the site during the weekend, and if suitable, will start work to restore TV & FM services. We hope to be back on the air next week. Thank you so much for your patience and support.

2/24/23, 10:17 AM | KRWG-TV in Silver City and Lordsburg are off the air. KRXG-FM in Silver City is off the air. Engineering is evaluating some temporary sites and we are hopeful that limited service will be restored sometime next week.

2/23/23, 4:28 PM | The tower collapse that caused the outage in Silver City & Lordsburg, was due to extremely high winds and ice. Our team is evaluating the tower damages and is working on a plan for repairs as soon as the weather allows. We thank you so much for your patience at this time.

2/22/2023 | Due to inclement weather KRWG TV and FM are off the air in Silver City and Lordsburg, our engineering team will evaluate tower damages and work on a plan for repairs as soon as the weather allows.

If you experience technical questions, difficulties, or an outage of the KRWG-TV or KRWG-FM signal or online stream, please contact us by sending an e-mail to: krwg_outage@nmsu.edu or calling 575-646-2743. We work to correct problems as soon as possible.