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Students React to Second Presidential Debate


Students watched the second presidential debate Tuesday night and discussed what they thought afterwards at an event sponsored by the NMSU Communications department.

"Yay, this is an exciting time in your life and an exciting time in history," said Ginny Doren, organizer for a debate watch party on NMSU's campus.

That's what Ginny Doren wants to tell first time voters.

Dozens of those first-time voters were gathered on New Mexico State's campus.

They came to watch the second presidential debate.

And there were more laughs this time around...

Ginny voted in her first election in undergrad. Just four years later, she sees this election through a different lens.

"A lot more informed and then a lot more real, because coming out of my undergrad I had to try and find a job. I'm actually getting to experience the things that we heard in the debates tonight and one of the first questions that was asked was I'm going to be graduating and what can you say for me when I graduate in two years am I going to have a job?"

Communications studies professor Kenneth Hacker wanted those that came to see the debates through a different lens as well.

"One of the things you'll notice that we do is we don't have pre-debate commentary by television people and we don't have post-debate commentary, because voters told researchers over time, we'd rather talk to ourselves."

So after this debate, that's what students did.

"For being the economy man that Mitt Romney is, Obama just had the numbers and I think that played into his favor."

"I did have more of a leniency to one side and after this debate, I feel that it's shifted. It's not necessarily to one side anymore. It's definitely more indecisive for me. So I'm definitely looking forward to the last debate..."

The third and final Presidential debate is Monday, October 22 in Boca Raton, Florida.

Sloan Patton joined KRWG in August 2012 as assistant news director.