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Diana Murillo-Trujillo files for reelection as Mayor of City of Anthony, New Mexico


Commentary: Diana Murillo-Trujillo has filed to run for reelection for Mayor of the City of Anthony.  Murillo-Trujillo was elected Mayor of the City of Anthony in 2016.  She brings a wealth of local government experience and perseverance to the Office of Mayor with 12 years of combined experience as Trustee, Mayor of the City of Anthony, and Doña Ana County Commissioner.  

In 2017, Diana Murillo-Trujillo sought to be elected Mayor of the City of Anthony with four clear goals in mind: Investing in infrastructure, investing in recreation for families, increasing public safety, economic development and job creation.


  During her time as Mayor, Murillo-Trujillo collaborated with the Board of Trustees in passing its first Quality of Life General Obligation Bond, bringing in $3 million to improve and pave 15 streets and address drainage in the city.  She also worked with our state legislators to acquire funding for planning, design, and construction of a Multi-generational Center to bring more recreation to families. In her efforts to help families feel safer, she has helped bring the City of Anthony from the 13th safest city in the state as of 2018, to the 4th safest city in New Mexico as of this year.  Murillo-Trujillo has also raised the bar for economic development in Anthony by leading the Dos Lagos Golf Course acquisition effort which will provide healthcare, retail and commercial development.  As well as breaking ground on the expansion of New Mexico State Road 404 to a commercial corridor interchange.

“I ran for Mayor of the City of Anthony because my life’s work has been to help the people of my community.  Over the last four years I have lead our city in addressing public safety, recreation for families, economic development and job creation, and meaningful investments in our infrastructure–but we still have more work to do.  This is just the beginning and I plan on continuing to build and expand on the great strides we’ve made.

My compassion and love for our community does not end at the Anthony city limits.  Over the last four years I had so many families come to me for help, but unfortunately some were outside of the City of Anthony, that’s why I became a County Commissioner as well.  This position has opened the door to new and innovative ways to help the families of Anthony and our community, and I plan on continuing to help our beautiful City of Anthony as Mayor.”

Murillo-Trujillo is also focused on continuing to expand on investments in Anthony’s infrastructure, public safety, recreation for families, as well as economic development and job creation.  She also plans to focus on improving flood mitigation and updating the City of Anthony's flood plan in her efforts to support our community and families.