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Rebecca Dow Criticizes Move to Ban Gun Shows at New Mexico State-Run Facilities

Rep. Rebecca Dow, R-Truth or Consequences

  Commentary: After more than 40 years of gun shows at the EXPO New Mexico at the State Fairgrounds in Albuquerque the State of New Mexico will no longer allow gun shows at state-run facilities.

The NRA released a statement on the state's "misguided policy" banning gun shows saying, "Senate Bill 8 [a 2019 bill that enacted sweeping gun control] has been a colossal failure, as proven by the lack of any prosecutions for violations of the law and the skyrocketing murder rate in Albuquerque.  So, either the governor’s new policy is a tragic admission of that gun control failure or an action that reveals the true motive of the gun control movement: to end gun shows altogether."
"If MLG would spend one minute listening to everyday New Mexicans, she would know that this ban on gun shows goes against the culture and the way of life that we cherish in our state," said Representative and gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Dow. "You'd be hard-pressed to find a farmer or rancher that doesn't own a firearm. It's a necessary tool to do their job and put food on our tables. I've never seen someone so determined to kill the western values that many of us hold so dearly-- first the closure of our churches, and now the limitation of law abiding New Mexicans to purchase firearms. We desperately need to elect a governor who will stop treating New Mexico like it's New York and actually tap into what her constituents care about for a change."

Dow has a record of opposing and killing senseless gun control bills that are out of touch with the values of New Mexicans. She listened when nearly every county in the state as they passed Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions, and she stood with 30 of 33 sheriffs who penned a letter saying they would not enforce sweeping unconstitutional gun control laws.