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Legislator Blasts Bill To Nearly Triple New Mexico's Gasoline Tax

Representative Jason Harper (R-Rio Rancho)

Commentary:  The House Taxation and Revenue committee today moved forward a gas tax measure sponsored by Rep. Matthew McQueen (D-Santa Fe County) on party line vote of 8-4. House Bill 173 will nearly triple New Mexico’s gasoline tax. If approved the bill would move the state from the fourth lowest gas tax to the fourth highest in the nation, according to the Tax Policy Institute.

“I am shocked that the Democrats are continuing to burden wage earning New Mexico families with increased taxes. What are they doing with the massive tax increase Democrats passed last year in HB 6?” said Representative Jason Harper (R-Rio Rancho), “What’s even more concerning is that HB 173 seeks to divert the gas tax revenue away from our roads. Our roads are in desperate need of repair and any bill that reroutes those funds is dangerous to our state.”