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Las Cruces Area Groups Blast Additional Border Wall Funding


Commentary: Our Borderland represents some of the best and unspoiled landscapes in our nation. In the Southwest, our public landscapes and people represent an oasis of authentic, land-based culture with direct and unbroken generational ties going back thousands of years. On December 17, our Congress, through the FY20 Homeland Security minibus released $1.37 BILLION dollars for; new construction of border wall along our southern border, increased spending on ICE, and does nothing to address the generation of traumatized children and families that are growing up in these detention camps.

Nuestra Tierra Conservation Project and NM CAFê responded with the following statements:

"Our culture, environment, wildlife, and thousands of years of human history will be wiped out. The border wall represents the single largest threat to border communities today as it would completely alter the course of our lives, economy, and forever damage our environment and natural resources. For these reasons, The Nuestra Tierra Conservation project opposes the FY20 Homeland Security Act. We remain committed and steadfast to the idea that our federal funds should be placed and prioritized in how we uplift a nation. Not in building more barriers between us." said Àngel Peña President of Nuestra Tierra Conservation Project.

"Our southern border communities are some of the most vibrant, diverse and dynamic regions of our country. Decades of misguided border policies pushed by both parties have only served to militarize our communities and betray our values. We are disappointed to see that once again our border communities will pay the price. This deal only continues to fuel Trump’s desire to criminalize immigrants and people of color, continues to irresponsibly fund unaccountable agencies like CBP and ICE, and does nothing to contain a president that is willing to raid budgets from other departments to fund his vanity wall. We will continue to fight for a new border vision that calls for the expansion of public safety, protection of human rights, and the welcoming of all people to our region and our nation." Johana Bencomo, Director of Organizng, NM CAFe