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A New Mexico Special Session Because...?

Office of the Governor

Commentary: This year the governor ignored most important things and says "she will call lawmakers back to the state capital to renegotiate a budget… without increases in taxes and spending. … if lawmakers don’t agree to her terms for more spending cuts, state museums will begin to close” (The Republic and others).   More “my way or the highway.”

Very sad for most New Mexicans.  A special session was not really needed.  The governor exhibits many unfortunate new era republican policies.  She’s stated, e.g: keep tax cuts for the rich, no tax reform even if revenue neutral.  How does this help NM citizens?   Not.   Multiple vetoes of popular bills because they are apparently “frivolous?”   No minimum wage increase for the working poor, even as the majority are not teens as popular myth holds.   Our $7.50 is uncaring and $9.25 is below poverty for any family. No real attention to jobs, the greater economy and educational failures?   School funding?  We’ll see.  NM fell to 50th in unemployment?  Shame on us.’
Senator John Arthur Smith says a special session is unneeded.   The budget and tools for improvements are already on her desk. That’s true. 
All the governor needs to do is amend the legislative budget.  Target administrative cuts across state government.   Why museum closures?   They are understaffed.   Just hyperinflation of silliness.  Cronyism, corruption and plain make-work are routine. 
If the impossible comes, and g-d forbid we get to a shutdown there are even some unmentioned partial "corrections.”  Fire appointed officials.  Some possible exceptions might be approved by the people, not the administration.  Needed are front-line shortage fixes.   Build reserves.  Too difficult to work out? 
"We all have bipartisan responsibilities to this nation to defend principles that have made this nation a beacon of hope”  Joe Biden