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Pearce Introduces Bill To Change Monument Process

From the Office of Rep. Steve Pearce:


Today, U.S. Congressman Steve Pearce announced his introduction of H.R. 1512, a bill to change the monument designation process by requiring that all future designations are approved by Congress, through the legislative process, with input from Americans.


“Monument designations, like any other laws, should come up from the people, not down by executive decree,” said Pearce.  “Conservation is at its best when it is carried out by the people: through elected representatives in a transparent, public process.  When designations are instead handed down through executive order, valid concerns are silenced, the minority cannot express its concerns, and both conservation and democracy suffer.”


Rep. Pearce recently attended a meeting of the local electric co-op in Socorro, where he learned about the serious potential consequences of President Obama’s designation of the Rio Grande del Norte Monument for energy, especially green energy, in New Mexico.  Had the Monument been designated through the legislative process, these problems could have been raised and addressed.


Rep. Pearce’s legislation prohibits all future monument designations except those approved by Congress.