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Author discusses his path to sobriety and helping others with alcohol addiction

Dustin Dunbar
Dustin Dunbar

KC Counts talks with Dustin Dunbar about his book "You're Doing Great! And Other Lies Alcohol Told Me". Dunbar researched and developed his own path to sobriety after not finding a fit with other methods. His website, www.dustin-dunbar.com offers a link to the Alcohol-Free Revolution, with limited free coaching sessions and more information. Listen to their full conversation here.

KC Counts has been broadcasting to Southern New Mexico and West Texas audiences for over 30 years. KC is up early with listeners for "Morning Edition" weekdays, "Performance Today" from 9-11, "Here and Now" from 12-2, and on Saturdays. You might also see her on KRWG-TV.
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