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Safety precautions El Paso Electric customers can take during high winds

El Paso Electric - Omar Gallegos Vice President Transmission and Distribution.jpg
Omar Gallegos
Omar Gallegos, Vice-President of Transmission and Distribution, El Paso Electric

The windy season is upon us in the Borderland, with heavy winds causing damage that includes power outages in the area. Scott Brocato spoke with Omar Gallegos, vice-president of transmission and distribution with El Paso Electric, about what they’ve had to deal with and what customers can do during high wind events.

Scott Brocato has been an award-winning radio veteran for over 35 years. Hailingfrom St. Louis, MO, he has worked in such cities as St. Louis, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Athens GA as an on-air personality, airborne traffic reporter, newscaster, and program director. He has lived and worked in Las Cruces since 2016, and you can hear him regularly during "All Things Considered from NPR News" from 4pm-7pm weekdays. Off the air, he is also a local actor and musician, and you can catch him rocking the bass with his band Flat Blak weekends in and around Las Cruces and El Paso.