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Emily Guerra has Deep Roots in the Borderland

Emily MC
Evelyn Sandoval
Emily Guerra hosting "Mariachi Sunday's" at the Plaza in Old Mesilla, NM.

KRWG's Emily Guerra sits down with producer Evelyn Sandoval to share her connection with Mesilla and the Southwest. Emily's family history goes back to the 1800's in New Mexico. She talks about the start of her award-winning career and her inspiration behind "Fiesta" the popular Bilingual Latin Music radio program that airs on KRWG Public Media. On the program, Emily shares her travels of the world and love of music with her audience every weeknight.

Emily Guerra, KRWG TV Radio Host

Evelyn Sandoval is a Senior TV Producer at KRWG Public Media. She is a graduate of New Mexico State University, she graduated with a Bachelor's in Journalism and a minor in Sports Marketing. Evelyn previously worked at KTSM Channel 9 NBC News in El Paso, TX. During her time as a student , she volunteered her time in the journalism department for over 4 years. Evelyn also worked as a student employee for KRWG Public Media and Aggie Vision from 2015-2019. She loves Mexican Food, good vibes, and drinking coffee. In her free time, Evelyn enjoys the outdoors, spending time with her family and pets, but most importantly she is passionate about giving back to the next generation of the Journalism Department.