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William “Bill” Mattiace seeks District 2 City Council seat in Las Cruces

On Election Day, William “Bill” Mattiace talked about his campaign for the District 2 Las Cruces City Council seat with KRWG News.


Andrea Vázquez: How do you feel about your campaign?

Bill Mattiace: I feel very positive and I believe the positivity comes from canvasing. You know, going from house to house because the public will tell you the issues, the problems, the challenges. So, I've learned quite a lot. And what I've learned is that not everybody's happy about blight, not everyone's happy about public safety. They're not happy about economic development positions in the city. And I think that's where I got most of my information from the public.

Andrea Vázquez: So, would you say that some of those things that you just stated are the top issues in your campaign?

Bill Mattiace: I think so, absolutely. In other words, the public safety is a big issue for the neighborhoods. And I'd like to start neighborhood watch associations. I discovered quite a few good ones for the ones that, for example, is Crescent Park neighborhood. Fantastic, where all the neighbors watch each other's, you know, homes and driveways and then they have meetings. And what I like to do is on economic development is really see that the industrial park grows with some big companies and, you know, not small companies, but maybe some a company that can pay anywhere from $25 to $30 an hour. And then on the blight, I think it's just a matter of using redevelopment funds and clean up help sale.

Andrea Vázquez: And how would you address that as if you were elected on City Council?

Bill Mattiace: Well, it has to be a lot of collaboration. In other words, I'm only one vote and there's seven of us. So, it means explaining what I'd like to do, showing the impact and examining the budget. I'd like to look at the budget and see where that's been. And then if there's sufficient funding, I'd like to work with the other councilors in fixing up a lot of the blight that's in District two.

Andrea Vázquez: Thank you for that. And the final question is what would be your first step if you don’t win.

Bill Mattiace: You know, the first step would just go right to work. In other words, the promises made have to be kept. And if I don't win, I'll still be an advocate. I love my city. I love Las Cruces. And I've lived in District two for 44 years. So, I'll still work with the council, whoever they may be, to see if we can fix some of the challenges.

Andrea Vázquez: And is there anything else you would like to add that I didn't ask.

Bill Mattiace: No. I also like to comment on the election itself, Amanda López Askin the clerk, that it's a very well run, smooth, efficient process and I hope it goes through quickly tonight. So, we all know the outcome pretty maybe late ten or 11:00, but it's being done very well by everyone there at the county.