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Tessa Abeyta discusses reelection campaign for District 2 seat on Las Cruces City Council

KRWG News talked with District 2 Las Cruces City Council Candidate Tessa Abeyta on Election Day to get her thoughts on her reelection campaign

Interview Transcript:

KRWG News: How do you feel about your campaign?

Tessa Abeyta: Yes. I am really proud of all the work that we've done for our campaign as a run for my reelection in District two, I am honored to have had a lot of active support by the Fire Union and the police union walking and talking to neighbors, constituents.

KRWG News: So, what do you think was the top issue or issues in your campaign for us?

Tessa Abeyta: You know, I think residents are very concerned about public safety is one item. And then looking at really infrastructure. Our city was created in a way that really did not have as many opportunities for District Two as far as quality of life items with our parks. And I know that there is a lot of revitalization that we've been working on and needs to continue. The first part is to make sure that we're moving on to the next steps for the revitalization of the El Paseo corridor and the addressing the needs for Frenger Park and Tony Gomez Park. I also want to make sure that we continue to talk with all the residents and make sure that we're looking at each neighborhood individually and seeing what those specific needs are.

KRWG News: And if you do win this race, what will be your next steps?

Tessa Abeyta: I think it always comes down to what do the residents need? Making sure that we have those open lines of communication. I really try to make sure that we were getting information out to the public in different ways and formats, and I want to continue and expand upon that. And of course.

KRWG News: This is just between you and one other candidate, so it is pretty much a 50-50. If you don't win, what will be your next steps in the community?

Tessa Abeyta: We always want to make sure that there is a lot of information that is shared back and forth. I know when I came into my role, there wasn't a lot of information about the district. I've done a lot of mapping and I want to make sure that it's transferred over. And I'm always here to serve my community in whatever capacity that might be.

KRWG News: Is there anything else you'd like to add that I didn't ask or that you might want to add?

Tessa Abeyta: Basically, just a thank you to everyone that helped support it during this time and to my family and everybody has been wonderful. This community is where I am raising my kiddos and I love it and I'm here for it always so much. Thank you.